Why choose us?

 There are a number of reasons to choose “Bamozoid” Association if you decide to undertake the adoption process. We are committed to creating families.

Our association has been established and licensed in 2003. Since this moment we have gained knowledge, experience and understanding regarding our families’ needs:
- We take each procedure personally, giving it our personal attention and attitude.
- We are there for you, when you need support.
- Our team members have more than 20 year experience in international adoptions and we are one of the first licensed associations after the adoption reform in Bulgaria.
- We follow all regulations and laws in order to assist you in having as positive and smooth an adoption experience as possible.
- We continue to keep in touch with you even after the adoption.
- But the most important of all is that our purpose is to ensure competence and professionalism for each adoption, as well as comfort and security for the child and for you.

Thank you and good luck!