342 Bulgarian children were adopted abroad for the first 6 months of the year

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    The international adoptions are becoming more and more



    BTA announces that 342 children were adopted from the beginning of the year until 30 June, quoting the Social Assistance Agency.

    494 children were adopted for the same period (January - June) in 2011.In The SAA announces that in 2011, 91 children with disabilities were adopted by Bulgarian citizens.

    The Social Assistance Agency does not have an official statistics for the age group of the most frequently adopted children, but observations show, that the candidates for adoptive parents prefer to adopt children in the lower age group.

    The international adopters in Bulgaria are increasing, states Milena Parvanova – Director of “International Adoption” Directorate at the Ministry of Justice.

    If in 2009 the foster families abroad for Bulgarian children were 112, in 2010 they are nearly four hundred. Last year the Minister of Justice gave 287 agreements for adoption and several children were included in one procedure. Thus the adoptions were 330.

    At the end of 2011 in all 31 homes in the country there were 3800 children, from which the boys were more. One third of them were babies, stated Parvanova. She added that only two percent were orphans.

    Over the last three years most children were adopted in Italy – an average of a hundred per year. After that come the foster families from USA, Canada, France, Germany and Sweden.


    Author: Dnes.bg