Adoption - а difficult process for bulgarians but not for foreigners

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    Last year 287 agreements were given by the Minister of Justice for international adoptions, states Milena Parvanova – Director of “International Adoption” Directorate at the Ministry of Justice. The adopted children over the last year were 329, shows an inquiry at the department. According to her, most children were adopted by Italian citizens and after the procedure they went to live with their new parents. The abandoned children or orphans find most adoptive parents in USA, Germany and France, said Parvanova. In many of the cases, however, the adoptive parents have requirements for the sex, age and the appearance of the child. Some even express preference for the hair and eye color, added the expert. Even though it is not very appropriate to point the characteristics of the child, the adoptive parents are entitled to that, because some sort of agreement is sought. When it comes to the ethnical descent of the child, stating the characteristics is also important, if the new parents require that, specified Parvanova. The most logical requirement of the adoptive parents is the age of the child. That is why this aspect is always discussed. Sometimes an assessment by the Social Workers is made to access the appropriate age of the child to be adopted by the specific family. The purpose is an appropriate assessment of the responsibilities which the adoptive family could carry for the child, said Milena Parvanova. She added that most frequently a subject of a discussion in an international adoption is the origin of the biological parents of the child.  In Bulgaria the adoption is still a process that is not perceived by the population in the way that it happens in the other countries. Abroad this process is open and is even celebrated. All is a matter of change in the public attitudes – claims Milena Parvanova. In her words, the conservative perception of the process can be overcome with the help of specialists, while the family is still waiting for a child to adopt. Milena Parvanova explained that all files of the families waiting to start the adoption procedure are kept in the Register of the Adoptive Parents. As there are new candidates every day, so there are candidates that are finalizing the procedure and the data is deleted. At the moment around 2000 adoptive parents are at a different stage of the procedure, pointed the expert. Each family waits for an answer for a different period - from few months to few years.  It is determined by the characteristics of the child, that the new parents want to adopt. The specifics in the health condition are also important. They also determine how long the wait will be, specified Parvanova. In 2011 over 100 children with similar specifics or at a slightly higher age were adopted. According to the specialist this number grows every year, due to the well developed program. It is hardest to find families for the children over eight – nine years, specified the expert. Although they are individual cases, there are occasions when the families do not take the proper care of the children with specific needs that they have adopted, states Parvanova. In 2002 Bulgaria has ratified the ConventiononProtectionofChildrenandCo-operationin Respect ofIntercountry Adoption(the Hague Convention).The Hague Convention from 1993 seeks to guarantee the children rights, as well as to eliminate the opportunities for their trafficking and selling. Our country has completely synchronized its legislation in this regard and now all children have an equal chance to get adopted, commented Parvanova. The opportunity for the adoptive parents to visit the orphanages, on their own and negotiate on the spot what they want is eliminated. All children and adoptive parents are entered in the register and have an equal chance, states Milena Parvanova.



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